Philanthropy Mission

Lucky in Love takes an active role in the recognition and support of wheelchair tennis players. Our goal is to make them feel fashionably empowered on and off the court.

We take great pride in the opportunity to give back and support events that truly represent the company’s philanthropy mission.

USA Wheelchair Tennis Team Sponsorship

As a part of our philanthropic initiatives, Lucky in Love is proud to sponsor the women’s USTA wheelchair tennis team. We truly admire the beauty, courage, and fortitude of the athletes who despite any life circumstances continue to compete making the world their playground.

We aim for the longstanding commitment to support the national wheelchair tennis team and address issues for which we feel strongly about.

#SEEMEROLL is a movement that Lucky in Love created to draw awareness and bring fashion to the sport of wheelchair tennis.

Meet the Lucky in Love wheelchair tennis family!






The Sabrina Cohen Foundation

At Lucky in Love, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to follow their passions and enjoy life to the fullest. We are honored to be part of the fundraising campaign by the Sabrina Cohen Foundation.  Sabrina's mission is to create the first of its kind, fitness facility on Miami Beach where to make the beach & ocean fully accessible to anyone in a wheelchair!

Please help so everyone can enjoy a day on the beach!