Long Women’s Golf Skorts

Dress your best while also dressing to code with long and knee-length skorts that meet the demand for preferred attire at many high-end venues. 

Ladies' longer-length skorts from Lucky in Love offer optimal coverage and comfort, plus performance-enhancing features like breathable fabrics and built-in UV protection. Get modesty and maximum ease of movement, all without the restrictions posed by shorter garments. 

Whether on or off the course, your style is all your own. Women’s knee length skorts and long skorts add that extra dose of confidence you need to feel your best on the green and are often the desired choice for tournaments and when representing sponsors or clubs. And because versatility is important, our golf skorts for ladies can be dressed up or down depending on your needs. Our knee-length and long skorts also come in various prints and patterns that are easily mixed and matched with other items in our women’s golf apparel collection. 

Don't just perfect your swing; perfect your style game, too. Explore our complete line of women’s golf skorts today, featuring fashionable longer lengths that strike the perfect balance between modesty and staying on the cutting edge of trends. Long and knee-length skorts aren't just clothing – they're a fashion-forward solution for everyday play in any climate, ensuring you effortlessly create confidence-boosting golf outfits that turn heads on and off the green.