For Future Queens Of The Court:

Born from five generations of apparel makers, the Lucky in love  brand started by creating a tennis line for girls. Unique contemporary looks are paired with fun layered mesh and active colors, but designed with performance top of mind.

Tennis Court Couture:

Success of the kids line created a major buzz around women’s tennis, inspiring Lucky in love’s first-ever collection for ladies. The signature scallop skirt was born, thus, paving the way for the fashion-forward athletic-wear like never before.

A Print Powerhouse:

We answered the call for more fashionable tennis products with themed collections every month aligning with fashion trends. This along with our unique in-house designed prints helped turn Lucky in Love into a print-centric company and one of the top 3 brands for most tennis apparel retailers.

Ms. Worldwide

Lucky in love goes global, expanding into Europe and distributing in 11 different countries worldwide.

Fashion Forward, Means Pushing Forward

Continuously innovating, Lucky in Love takes tennis into high fashion, with laser cut and handmade macrame dressing - all done in performance fabrics.  A hot seller for those seeking organic and high tech designs

Fashionably Late, But Just In Tee-Time:

With its increasing popularity, Lucky in love enters the world of golf apparel and soon becomes a leader in novelty print skirts for women and kids. Now, you can go straight from birdies to brunch…and do it in style. 

Fashion Forward, Paying it Forward

#SeeMeRoll is Lucky in Love’s movement to support wheelchair tennis by shining the spotlight on the amazing athletes in the sport through the lens of fashion. 

The Bold Get Bolder:

Lucky in Love goes beyond tennis and golf, expanding its unique fashion point of view to all racket sports including Beach Tennis, Pickleball, Padel, and more.